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Kevin Walshe, owner and president of Classique, brings to the industry an extensive technical background, spanning over 35 years.

He began his career under a 5-year carpet installation apprenticeship with RFT Baker Esq., a leading installation company in London, England. Contracts included John Lewis, Harrods, Colefax & Fowler, and others.

These valuable early years spent learning from experienced craftsmen taught Kevin all aspects of woven carpets including hand sewing, bordering, mitering, layout, floor plans, blueprints and preparation of templates for custom carpets.

In 1980 Kevin set up a custom rug division for Customweave Carpets in Fountain Valley, California, and within eighteen months he had expanded the department to include thirty people and close to $1.5 million in annual sales.

In 1983 Kevin and Sue Walshe founded Classique Carpets, specializing in installation of high-end carpets, including:

  • Specialized techniques for installation of woven products from Europe.
  • Hand sewing, bordering, mitering, layout, floor plans and blueprints for custom carpets.
  • Expert techniques in preparation and use of paper templates, needed for hand made carpets.
  • Development and management of inlaid carpet border fabrication programs
  • Expert techniques in extremely custom inlaid carpet installation.
  • Trouble shooting
  • Training programs.

Kevin’s personal training programs encompass rug fabrication, custom carpet installation, project management and troubleshooting large and / or complex installations.